Thursday, August 27, 2009

Applied Kanji Lesson 2: 馬 駐 車 林 示 禁 止


In this post I'll be trying to read a street sign above. :)

I see a white helmet UN peacekeeper under a great stress. His yellow face may be a result of Hepatitis A-type. Also there are 4 vertical red ink kanji. Does he warn me on hepatits pandemy danger!?

Or may this be a no-parking sign? Let's see...

  • horse
  • バ ba
  • うま、ま uma, ma

This one I already know.
  • master; lord; chief; owner; main thing; principal matter
  • シュ、ス shu, su
  • ぬし、おも nushi, omo

  • stop; stay; resident
  • チュウ chu
  • *
Master's Horse Stop. Hm... Parking?

The next one is:

  • car; vehicle; automobile; wheel
  • シャ sha
  • くるま kuruma
Looks like an electric motor with two coaxial wheels when looking from above. How did they know? Strangely it's also a chariot.

駐車 ?

Chusha... chariot stop ... Car Parking... I think it's a Parking Lot!

  • woods; forest; grove
  • リン rin
  • はやし hayashi

  • indicate; show; point out; express; display
  • ジ、シ
  • しめ.す
"T" was a primitive altar sign. / \ was for blood drops. A stroke above an altar was for sacrifice items that placed on the altar. So originally this kanji "show" was an "outcome of the sacrifice showing the will of gods".

means: Altar in forbidden forest. Or, religious taboo, or in modern words:
  • prohibition; ban; forbid
  • キン kin
  • *

駐車禁 ?

Chusha kin... I'm 100% sure that I can't stop my horse chariot in a forbidden forest.

So what is the last one about?

  • stop; halt; end
  • シ shi
  • と.まる、と.める tomaru, tomeru
It really resembles injured legs to me.

I'm done:


Chusha kin shi

Two stops - stop at the beginning and stop at the end. I think I can skip first stop and read the first kanji as "horse master", not as a "horse master stop".
Horse Master! Don't stop your chariot in a forbidden forest!

In fact, 駐車 in the beginning is a "parking/parking lot".
So alltogether: Parking Is Prohibited!

I've learned 7 more kanji: 馬 駐 車 林 示 禁 止 !

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