Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Augmented Reality 1984 Japan

I had another lesson with Eiko-san yesterday. It wasn't a piece of cake. I was introduced to Japanese verbs grammar and this first meeting wasn't a big success for me. I was told by many people that Japanese verbs is not an easy topic and it turns to be a hard thing for me too. I've Livescribe files ready to upload but I feel they are not good because all the lesson was a one big confusion for me. I decided to get verbs grammar slow in a next series of posts.

Meanwhile, some fun stuff: creating useful content in internet becomes easier! If you watch Youtube, you probably noticed a closed captioning feature that was added in 2008. Here is quite aged "Let's Learn Japanese with Yan" video made in 1984 with captions added recently.
I like the way it's done. Enjoy!

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