Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sentence Word Order

Here is my first grammar lesson - basic sentences like "I am a Student", "You are a teacher"... This lesson introduces Japanese sentence word order and special particles. This is an extremely important lesson.

Word Order
English is a subject-verb-object language. Japanese is a subject-object-verb language. Generally the subject comes first, then the object and the verb comes at the end of the sentence.

"Wa" and "o" are particles. They are like English prepositions, but they always come after nouns. Particles are very important for proper Japanese sentence structure. I will introduce them gradually later.

Composing questions in Japanese is easy! The word order remains the same, and a sentence becomes a question by adding the particle "ka" at the end. Question mark is not used with "ka" particle.

(1) I am ____. He is _____.
(2) Negative sentence: I am not ______.
(3) Adding "ka" particle transforms (1) to a question.
Also usage of "no" particle: He is hospital(no) doctor = He is hospital's doctor.
(4) Answer for (3) is (1) type of sentence. "Hai"="Yes".

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