Monday, August 3, 2009

Starbucks Hiragana

Ei is a professional "Japanese as a Second Language" teacher from Tokyo. We do this blog together. Click on any part of the Hiragana table below to hear how to read it. Notice jazzy Starbucks noise on the background...

This lesson starts from the second page because I used Livescribe for the first time - and I did a mistake - all following lessons are fine.

To view this lesson like it should be, click on orange play button, and then, click on orange "full screen" button on the top of the "notebook" page. You'll see on the side bar that lesson has two pages. Click 2nd page.

Click on any part of the green text to hear how to read it.


  1. Hi,

    Neat idea for your blog. Maybe I can help a little.

    While your teacher is calling "o" and "ga"/"wa" prepositions, in English those parts of Japanese grammar are called "particles".

    Here is a link I think explains particles well, perhaps too well. It should at least let you see why "o" and "ga"/"wa" were used in your lesson.

    A major particle sticking point for Japanese beginners is the difference between the particles "wa" and "ga". Here is a link that explains this difference well.

    I hope these links help you.

  2. Thanks! sure I'll face ga & wa challenge soon.