Friday, August 7, 2009

Non-boring Katakana

Long time ago (actually this Monday) I stated that I want to read and to write Japanese along with speaking and understanding. That's why I return to Kana now. I need real words, not the words from "basic japanese phrases for idiots", and words come with kana and kanji. Next week or so I'll devote to Kana and basic Kanji to start actually reading real world Japanese posts on twitter. Is 1st grade school kanji enough for reading my own animefigures
robotwits? Let's see.

Initially I put booooooring kana table here, but deleted the post.

Here is a song for a start:

Next is a great set of kana learning games. Enjoy!

- Katakana Chart
- Game 1
- Game 2
- Game 3
- Game 4

When you done with the games watch videos below:

So much fun! Now chill out - with jazzy kana writing lesson (Do it! Must write after sensei):

Play with Katakana Drag-n-Drop
You done with katakana!

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