Thursday, August 13, 2009

Talk Japanese After Listening 1 (One) CD!

This post is about the best spoken Japanese course I found so far. A Pimsleur Level I is what you may need.
  • Yes, It's on 1 (one) CD! It has 30 tracks.
  • No, you shouldn't listen all the 30 tracks at once!

The course relies on interactive spoken language training so no textbook is needed!
Pimsleur engages you in conversation, forcing you to answer as a Japanese person would, not as a textbook would encourage. The information is very easy to retain.
Here is the transcript of the first lesson if you're curious.
The lesson introduces some basic words like excuse me, you, I etc.

~~ conversation ~~

sumimasen eigo ga wakarimasu ka? - Excuse me, do you understand English?

iie wakarimasen. nihongo ga wakarimasu ka? - No, I don't understand. Do you understand Japanese?

hai, sukoshi wakarimasu - Yes, I understand a little

anata wa amerika jin desu ka? - Are you American?

hai watashi wa amerika jin desu - Yes, I am American

You listen and repeat. That's it!
At $250-$350 it's not the cheapest CD on the market. Curious? Google it!
Do you know any good audio courses? Please leave a comment if you do.

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