Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Types of Questions

How to ask questions continued...
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(1) kore wa hon desu ka - is this a book?
haii. korewa hon des / iie korewa hon dewa arimasen. - yes/no answers

(2) are wa nan desu ka? - what is that?
kore mo telebi desu ka - is this tv too? (usage of mo particle)

This lesson's first screen has a second page. If you not figured out how to open multi-page lessons yet: find a page number on the lesson's bottom control strip or click "full screen" tub of the top right of the lesson view above and click on the second page on the side bar that will appear on the right of your screen. Here are exercises on the second page:

(1)kore wa watashi no hon desu - this is my book.
sore wa eego no hon des - that is english book.
are wa borisu san hon des - that is boris's book over there.

(2)kore wa anata no hon desu ka - is this your book?
iie. korewa watashi no hon deva arimasen. - no, this book isn't mine
kore wa dareno cohhe desu ka - this coffe belongs to whom?
kore wa Ei san no cohhe des - this is Ei's coffee.
are wa nan desu ka - what is over there?
are wa choosho des - this is a dictionary.

(3)Taro kun wa nan sai desu ka - how old is Taro kun?
Taro kun wa roku sai des - Taro kun is 6 years old.
change nan sai to ikutsu for politeness

(4)Wato san wa eguris jin, amerika jin desu ka - is Wato san an English-men or America-men?

(5)sore wa nan no dzhachii desu ka? - What kind of the magazine is this?
sore wa kuruma no dzhachii des - this is a car magazine.

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(6) kono kasa wa dare no desu ka - this umbrella belongs to whom?
kono kasa wa dareno watashi no desu - this umbrella is mine

kore wa dare no kasa desu ka - to whom this umbrela belongs?
kore wa yamada san no kasa des - yamada san owns this umbrella

kono for usage with things!
kore for usage with humans!

(7)kore wa ichi desu ka shici desu ka - is this one or seven?
kore wa shici des - this is seven

(8)ano kata wa donata desu ka - who is that [respectful] person - more polite
ano hito wa dare desu ka - who is that person - less polite
ano kata wa shyacho desu - this [respectful] person is a president
ano hito wa boris san desu - this person is boris

(9)sore wa taonpo san no techo desu - that is taonpo-san's notebook
sore wa dare no techo desu ka - who's notebook is that?

This image helps if you want to learn words used in this lesson:

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