Sunday, August 16, 2009

Most Popular Japanese Google Words

What Japanese people (females) saying to other people (males) that foreigners seek to understand? I often use Google as a scientific "vox populi" machina and here is the list of the most popular "~anata" search requests Google provides:
(Most popular words with "anata" あなた included)

anata daisuki, anata (ga) daisuki (desu) - I love you
anata daiteyo - Darling, hug me
anata ga - you
anata ga hoshii - I want you
anata ga inai toriai - I want to hold you
anata ga inai toriai atteieru wagamama - I want to hold you when you’re gone, i’m selfish like that
anata ga kirai - i hate you
anata ga natsukashii - I miss you
anata ga suki - I love you
anata ga suki da - I love you
anata ga suki de - I love you
anata ga sukidessu - I love you
anata ga...inai - You are...not here (song title)
anata kanji - あなた, 貴方, 貴男, 貴女
anata kara - from you
anata kimi, anata vs kimi - kimi (きみ;君) is used by males, and anata (あなた) is used by females
anata koto, Anata-no-koto wasure-nai - I will never forget you
anata mo - you too
anata mou suki desu - I love you too
anata ni, Anata ni mo! - Same to you!
anata no kao, Anata no kao chotto mittai na - I want to see you(r) (face)
anata no koto, anata no koto wasure-nai - I will not forget you
anata no koto matteru yo - I'll be waiting for you
anata no koto wo kangaeteiru - I'm thinking of you
anata no manko ho nametai des - I love you
anata no okaasan - your mother
anata no osanazuma - Pick Me, Honey (game title)
anata no oto - The sound of your heart (Macross Frontier anime song title)
anata no sei janai - It's Not Your Fault (another anime song title)
anata no shiranai kangofu sei teki byoutou 24 ji - The Nurse You don't know, 24 Hours in the Sex hospital (hentai anime title)
anata no tomodachi, Anata no tomodachi wo shoukai - Would you introduce yourselves to us?
anata (vs) omae - you formal/informal
anata suki - love you
anata tachi - plural you, you guys
anata wa doko - where are you from
anata wa hentai - you are pervert
anata wa kirei (na) - You are beautiful
anata wa omoidashimasu - you remember
anata wa onani o shimasuka - Do you masturbate? (insulting)
anata wa tenshi - You're an angel
anata wa utsukushii - You are beautiful
anata wa yasashii (desunei) - You're so kind
anata wo ai shite iru - I love you
anata wo aishite yamazu - You are loved Earnestly (gay manga title)
anata wo aishiteiru - I love you
anata wo aishiteru - I love you
anata wo mamoritakute - I want to protect you (Yaoi mature manga title)
hora anata ni totte - (somebody) important to you (song title)
itsumodemo anata ga suki - forever I like you

Why did I made such a list? Just curiosity as well as bit of SEO for my blog :) And oh... so many ways to say "I love you"....

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