Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fun with Grammar

Looking at two parts of the first grammar lesson I feel it gets complicated and therefore it gets boring. Here is some really fun grammar to keep you on it! I took it from Akemi's Anime World. Highly recommended!

"Watashi wa Baabi desu. Doozo Yoroshiku." ("I am Barbie. Pleased to meet you.")
"Watashi wa Samurai desu. Shine!" ("I am a Samurai. Die!")
"Kore wa watashi no katana desu." (This is my katana.")

Ways to use "watashi":

"Watashi wa [something] desu." ("I am [something].")
"Atashi wa [something] desu." ("I am [something]." --female only)
"Boku wa [something] desu." ("I am [something]." --male only)

And, ways to use "no":

"Watashi no" ("Mine")
"Watashi no [something]." ("My [something].")
"[Something] no [something]." ("[Something]'s [something].")
or "[Something] no [something]." ("[something] of [Something]."

More Sentences
Here are a selection of sentences using this same basic pattern. Look at all the fun things we can describe:

1. "Ore no namae wa Ryuu desu." ("My name is Ryuu.")
2. "Kore wa atashi no kuruma desu." ("This is my car.")
3. "Kore wa ore no okane desu." ("This is my money.")
4. "Ore no okane wa ore no mono desu." ("My money is mine [my thing].")
5. "Anata no okane mo ore no mono desu." ("Your money is also mine.")
6. "Anata wa watashi no tomodachi desu." ("You are my friend.")

This, That, and The Other Thing
You already know "this" ("kore"), and "that" is similar: "sore". But in Japanese, there's a third word, "are", which means basically "that over there". They work this way:

"kore" = something near the person talking
"sore" = something near the person being talked to
"are" = something that's not near anybody

Here are a few examples:

"Kore wa pisutoru desu." ("This is a pistol.")
"Sore wa bakudan desu!" ("That is a bomb!")
"Are wa hikooki desu." ("That over there is a plane.")

Putting it all Together
Remember your useful nouns for this and that:

"kore" = "this"
"sore" = "that"
"are" = "that over there"
"dore" = "which"

And equally handy adjectives for this and that:

"Kono [something]" ("This [something]")
"Sono [something]" ("That [something]")
"Ano [something]" ("That [something] [over there]")
"Dono [something]" ("Which [something]")

And a couple of ways to say "you" (including just using a person's name):

"Anata wa [something] desu" ("You are [something].")
"[Name] wa [something] desu" ("You are [something]." --if you're talking to Name.)

More Sentences
And, in closing, a selection of sentences using our words of the day:

1. "Anata wa baka desu." ("You are an idiot.")
2. "Omae wa hentai da!" ("You're a pervert!")
3. "Sore wa boku no mono desu." ("That belongs to me.")
4. "Are wa Oni desu." ("That over there is an Ogre.")
5. "Ano uchuusen wa boku no mono desu." ("That spaceship over there belongs to me.")
6. "Sono kami wa okane desu." ("That paper is money.")
7. "Watashi wa Ruuku no chichi desu." ("I am your father, Luke.")
8. "Omae wa mou shinde iru." ("You're already dead.")

Remarkable Searches that Lead Visitors to

- boku wa kentai desu (I'm bored)
- anata wa hentai (you're pervert)
- omae wa mou shindeiru" translated (your already dead)

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