Friday, August 14, 2009

Time For Tests!

Before we go any further, I need to make sure that we, you and me, are more or less on the same page.

Ta daaa! Nice Yoko, isn't she?

Here is the set of random basic Japanese tests I found on a web site

First, there are some tests that look easy to me. I did try few and I can set myself a goal to pass them with A+. Will do this in 3 days, before my lessons with Ei san continue:



Primary Greetings

Romaji Japanese Vocabulary 1

Basic Japanese Nouns

Basic Japanese Nouns II

Daily Routine Verbs Kana

Japanese verbs part 1

Japanese verbs part 2

Meeting People - Kana

Can you pass the tests above with A grades? If yes - cool! If not - work harder next few days!

If tests above go well, I would try the tests that look bit hard to me to right now:

Japanese Verbs
Yr 9 Japanese Term 4 Verbs - Kana
Basic Japanese Adjectives
Japanese adjectives - Kana
Japanese for Busy People I: Lesson 1 - Kana

Hmmm...If I were a real man, I would do every test here and here. Kidding.

P.S."" sounds really awful for my Russian ear, but the site is quite useful. I did not find a way to embed it's tests to this blog though - not so good. Does anybody know Japanese tests that come with the code to embed them into the blog like you can do with flash videos etc.?

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