Saturday, September 26, 2009

Facing True 21st Century Complaints (Singapore)

I'm really glad this one-and-a-half-month-old japanese language blog got readers so diverse. I never expected such a thing to happen. Click on the flag counter on the side panel or just look at the picture below:

It's an unusual demographics for an english language blog.

I'm about to start an off-topic line of posts that should be of interest of this unusual readers base.

So, here is my first try.

I'm russian learning japanese. Both nations modernization started in 19th century, even same decades: 1860-1880s. Part of my fascination with Japan comes from the feeling that despite the 20th century turmoils and wars, both Russia and Japan, in different ways, still are a broken traditional societies. And I like to spot differences cause it makes a difference.

To make my point clear: one of the traditional society's striking features, among with paternalistic politics and gender inequality, is that it cares much about how it is seen from outside. Both russians and japanese care.

Looking at mainland China through an exceptional photoblog, I find Chinese no different - both Japan and USSR can provide similar images from 1950-1960s. Chinese commit it on 10 times bigger scale, but it's still the same images of cracked traditional society. Generation later, in 20 years or so, a relics of the chinese traditional society will be broken, same as russians and japanese experienced earlier.

It also happens that last 7 years I live in US and I've many friends in Europe. I must say that english speakers, French and few other european nations care little about how foreigners see them. I attribute it to the fact that they are truly individualistic societies, their traditional values are not just broken, but in fact, they're gone. Including Germany now.

With European influence doomed to shrink in 21st century due to the scary demographics, the question is: What the mid 21st century life will look like for the most of the world population? This is a  question to ask because the majority of word population in Asia will be facing a society change that made most of Europeans and Japanese willing to engage in two major wars.

This is Complaints Choir of Singapore video. Somehow it  blows my mind. Choir singers are of all ages, many races and various faith. They are prohibited by their government to perform on public. However, they didn't go to war against the system or whatsoever.

They found a way to vocal their 21st century complaints in old nation's parliament building. They recorded and posted it on youtube. They truly are from 21st century. And this century may not be as bad as 20th. LOL!

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