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Post Pet Momobin ポストペットモモ便 - Episode 2 Transcript


Momo and Komomo can deliver mail from anyone, to anyone. To anywhere in the world, the galaxy, or the universe. Under the sea, high up in the clouds, and around the corner. To the past, the present, or the future. They both work tirelessly to insure that the important letters of people are delivered, while Komomo also works hard to keep the ever distracted Momo on task.


  • post (service), convenience, service
  • ベン、ビン
  • びん, たよ.り
ポストペットモモ便  posutopetto momo bin

  • ordinal number prefix (-th; -st; -nd; No.); residence
  • ダイ 
consists of two parts,
the top part is:

  • bamboo, bamboo tablets
  • チク chiku
  • たけ take
The lower part is:

  • younger brother; faithful service to elders, order
  • テイ、ダイ、デ  tei, dai, de
  • おとうと  otouto 
Together bamboo and order make 第 - literally means "put bamboo tablets in order".  第二   だいさん number two

  • talk; story; tale
  • ワ wa
  • はな.す、はなし  hana su, hanashi
Kanji 話 consists of two parts, the left part is: 

  • say; speech; language
  • ゲン、ゴン  gen gon
  • い.う、こと  i u koto 
the lower part is mouth, so it's a mouth speaking a stream of four words

  • tongue; reed; clapper
  • ゼツ  zetsu
  • した  shita

the lower part is mouth again, but it's a "dry" 干 mouth, most likely cause it's telling stories too much...

Speech  and dry mouth make a 話 - story together.

  • roof; universe; heaven
  • u

  • mid-air; air; space; sky; memorization; interval of time
  • チュウ chuu
宇宙 - うちゅう - the universe, space
Both kanji are under "roof" but the first one has non-general-use character "from/emerge/go" and the second one has "reason" 由 under the roof - emerging reason under same roof

  • trip; travel; journey
  • リョ  ruo
  • たび  tabi
Now, finally, the transcript: 

第二話 はじめての、宇宙の旅
dainiwa hajimetono uchuinotabi
The second story/episode, The first Space Odyssey.

momobin des deru kai
  • deru でる   出る go out   
  • kuiくいき limit 
  • derukai? no limits

momo to komomo na kyamimo tuke kurerunda ???????

kako kara mirai
  • かこ 過去 past
  • から from
  • みらい 未来 future
umino soko kara uchi o no hatten made
  • umino ??? 
  • そこから sokokara - from here
  • uchi o no  宇宙の  -  in the universe 
  • はってん【発展】hatten  - expand     
    • はってん まで hatten  made - till the end of expansion (limits)

sa, kyo wa doko made yoku no ka na ?
  • さ well, now
  • きょ today
  • どこ まで doko made - how far
  • よく yoku ?????

mo one doko kayo  ?????

hajimete uchi o no tabesutta kudryavka ee
  • hajimete はじめて for the first time
  • uchi o no 宇宙の  in the universe 
  • tabesutta たびする  (past indicative) travel 
wake mo wa kara su
  • wake わけ reason
  • kara から  from
  • zu ず figure
mada dare mo itta kono nai  bachoni
  • mada まだ not yet
  • dore どれ who
  • itta kono nai いった  このない this did not go
  • ba ば place
hitori kiri tsurete ikare anata wa
  • hitori - 一人 one person
  • kiri きり only
  • tsureteiknai つれていかない【連れて行かない】to take someone (of lower status) along
nani o motte wo deshou ka
  • nani 何 what
  • motte もって by means of
  • deshou でしょう possibly
watashi wa  totte wo shiritai n desu
  • totte とって for
  • shiritaindesu しりたいんです【識りたいんです】I want to know
ahh godard sensei ne

professor obviously speaks some kind of slang I can't understand...may be old fashioned samurai??

nanji, sono goto  mu shinan no ga
  • sono goto そのごと this thing 
  • shinan しなんする give lesson
saijo uchi ni dobutsu wa inu daitta nya -
  • inu 犬 dog
sono nawa kudryavka!
  • nawa = namae wa
this phrase about 1957 experiment I can't even get.... so I skip it

soo yokatta ka
  •  yokatta よかった【余暇】thats good
in kudryavka's place

kudryavka san!
ari dare mo noyo
  • dare だれ who
ahh okoteiru
  • okoiteru おこる【怒る】angry
 tigami tigami tigami tigami!
  • tigami てがみ letter
 oshigoto kangio
  • oshigoto お仕事 the job
  • kangio が完了する complete
It took me too long, have to go... if you can fix what I've done wrong and what I did not get (in red ink) please leave a comment! I really appreciate it!

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