Sunday, September 6, 2009

Japanese Kanji for One, Person, Pills, Money, Evening, Women, Seduce, Jewel and Love 一 人 円 丸 日 本 国 玉 夕 女 愛


Nice clock. Let's look at the big pink kanji first.

  • love; affection; favorite
  • アイ
  • あい
An extremely obscure symbol. One element I can locate is in the center and I know it already from my first kanji post: , heart, feelings.I can see this "love" thing as a drunk heart covered with a "cap" walking on "legs". Artist definitely modified the lower "legs" part that it started to look like "evening" that has last of the strokes extended:

  • evening
  • セキ
  • ゆう
This extended stroke changes "evening" to something different, to the evening that goes somewhere. It also reminds me:

  • woman; girl; female
  • ジョ、ニョ、ニョウ jo nuyo
  • おんな、め onna me
I see, love thing is a complicated matter indeed.
The next poetic thing in this post will be ... money.

One Yen coin. Kanji seen on the clock and on the coin's side bottom is:

  • one; another; one more
  • イチ、イツ ichi, itsu
  • ひと.つ hito(tsu)
Hito ひと also means "person". Hito can be written in two ways. Another "hito" is:

  • person; human being
  • ジン、ニン jin, nin
  • ひと hito
Interesting, but the next coin's character, exhibits same "binary" properties:

  • yen; circle; round
  • エン en
  • まる.い maru(i)
Japanese say "en", not "yen". Another circle/"maru" is:

  • circle; round; make round; roll up; curl up;
  • ガン gan
  • まる、まる.い、まる.める maru(i) maru(meru) 
This "circle" also stands for: seduce; explain away; full (month); perfection; suffix for ship name and pills. Interesting connection between money, drugs and seduction... isn't it?

Top symbols:

  • day; sun;
  • ニチ、ジツ nichi, jitsu
  • ひ、か hi, ka

  • book; foundation; origin; main; present; true; real; counter for long cylindrical things
  • ホン hon
  • もと moto
Together they make:


にほん Nihon, Japan.

  • country; nation
  • コク koku
  • くに kuni
Enclosed in country is:

  • jewel, ball
  • ギョク gyoky
  • たま tama
So country 国 is an enclosed jewel 玉, even if I like enclosed king more.
I think it's enough for today. Just one more kanji below, I was near it today. Do you know what it is?


  1. Is that the LOVE statue from LOVE Park in Philadelphia? I can't tell for certain by the buildings around it and the angle. I used to live close to there....

    These are some great Kanji posts - really helping me get a handle on my Kanji lessons.

    Thank you!

  2. Yep, I't from there :) I think this LOVE is an original one. Where do you live now?

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