Sunday, September 6, 2009

Japanese Verbs ~て (~Te) form roundup

After 4 or 5 posts on ~te verb form and some consideration, I decided to postpone further ~te form studies until I feel I really need it. For those more persistent than me, here is what's missed for now:
  • てもかまわない te mo kamawanai: "You may do/I don't mind if you do"
  • て欲しい te hoshii: "I want you to do (for me)"
  • てすみません te sumimasen: "Sorry for making you go through all this trouble"
The list above adds to what I already learned:
My plan for the next week or two is to learn more about verbs and continue my kanji/vocabulary studies. Once I get verbs form done I plan to take some tests and publish results to make us on the same page.
Keep reading: I continue searching for more great web tools to study Japanese and will post new links in my next posts.

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